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Love is always in the air so this necklace is around all year, for self love, partner love and family love. A perfect present for anyone who wants to show some extra love in a shape of a hand made necklace.

Natural Faceted Diamond Beadlets

These glistening beauties have kept their natural cube shape. They have been carefully polished just to highlight their geometric and unique internal natural formations.

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  • Quality Materials

    Sourcing quality gemstones and using recycled metals. Aim to have a sustainable use of materials throughout the process.

  • Visser Studio

    Based in Glasgow at my home studio in the south side as well as being a tutor and resident jeweller at the Vanilla Ink Jewellery School.

  • Expert Design

    Designing unique jewellery with a contemporary twist. Creating bespoke designs for all my clients in the UK and abroad.

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Quality design takes time so let's work together!

Creating high quality and unique pieces such as the Abacus ring takes a normal couple of weeks because of the handmade nature of things at the Visser Studio. Commissions are now open.

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